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The Rosie Project
Novel / Literary / Available Oct 1!
Graeme Simson

About Me
Mainly, I’m about this guy Don Tillman, a professor of genetics who, although brilliant, is somewhat clueless when it comes to social situations. To say that he is an organized man would be more than an understatement. From his morning regimen of martial arts to his “Standardized Food System,” Don has a plan for every minute of every day, including finding a wife. He devises an elaborate and of course highly logical system for finding her. The Wife Project is a 16 page questionnaire that covers everything from IQ to food preferences in order to identify the perfect partner.

Everything is going according to plan until I throw in Rosie.

Don and Rosie couldn’t be more different (I have a thing for the whole “opposites attract” scenario). She’s on a mission to find her geneticist father. He’s on a mission to find the perfect wife. Watch their unlikely friendship unfold on my pages and…well that’s all I’m going to say for now. You’ll have to read me to find out the rest.  ;)

What I’m Doing With My Life
Selling like crazy all over the world and finally getting myself on American shelves. I’ve been making a lot of friends with authors in the states, too, like Chris Cleave, who was so kind and called me, “an upbeat, quirky, impertinent gem of a read”. And also Ayelet Waldman, who said, “Charming and delightful, I was so enamored of The Rosie Project that I read it in a single, marathon sitting.”

I’ll Catch Your Eye Because…
I am already an international bestseller.

I’m Really Good At
Making you laugh… out loud.. even when you read me in public… like on the bus… where people think you’re crazy for laughing loudly… alone.

A Few of My Favorite Things
My favorite food would have to be Tuesday night’s fresh sustainable lobster mango avocado salad with wasabi-coated flying fish roe and crispy seaweed and deep fried leek garnish. Unlike most people, I don’t tire of repetition, so I would have to say my favorite music would be Jackson Browne’s Running On Empty on repeat.

I Can’t Live Without…
1. Science and logic, of course
2. Alcohol in general, but wine specifically
3. Friendship, which is proving increasingly more important
4. My bicycle, the sustainable, responsible choice for transport
5. My lab, without which I would be of very little use
6. The trip to New York that changed everything

I’m Sort of Obsessed With…
Whether the right person to be with is the one you have the most in common with. And of course, who the hell is Rosie’s dad?

On Any Given Night I’m…
Brushing up on my bartending skills. You never know when you’ll have to get out of jam with some quick mixology.

Don’t Tell Anyone, But…
Even though Rosie is completely disorganized, only a ‘barmaid,’ and has unnaturally colored hair, she does rank very high in sexual attractiveness - probably why Gene recommended her to The Wife Project.

My Dream Reader
Someone who is looking for a compulsively readable, hilarious and at times awkward love story.

You Should Meet Me If
You liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Perks of Being a Wall Flower, and if you like old ’30s madcap romcoms like Bringing Up Baby or His Girl Friday - you’ll find that same wit and feel-good humor.

Meet The Rosie Project!

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